Custom Website Design and Development


If WE build it THEY will come! 

We don’t just build a website to your specifications.

We want to add value to the partnership.

We want to put the best Web 2.0 business design and marketing experience to work for you. 

We want to build THE website you need to increase your brand awareness, grow your business, and explode sales.


Is your website:

  • Best practice compliant and e-business savvy?

  • Easily maintained and cost effective?

  • User-friendly for you and your customers/audience/distributors/members?

  • Compelling and builds trust?

  • Accessible and search engine friendly?

  • Logically structured and responsive?

  • Scalable and seamlessly integrated with customer data?

It should be… and it could be.

Our sites reflect best practice in Web development offering:

  • Appropriate and compelling graphic elements optimized for site responsiveness (download speed) and consistent with existing brand imagery;

  • A home page designed to engage visitors, introduce and promote the brand and sales proposition, show content and offer clear pathways to deeper site content;

  • Frame free structure;

  • Search engine optimal design and content;

  • Design focused on usability and audience response;

  • Full-text search with search term logging and spelling correction.

  • Browser-specific Cascading Style Sheets and Server-Side Include files to provide consistency throughout the site and allow for easier site maintenance

  • Required legal content such as copyright notices, privacy and legal policy notices etc;

  • A comprehensive list of features and functionality, including user-friendly admin functionality for ease of maintenance

  • Data security for clients’ and their customers’ information

  • Compatibility with our gravityCenter solutions;

Larym Design recommends open source based solutions, PHP for site development and MySQL as a backend database.

Unlike many web design companies, Larym Design goes beyond the pretty and flashy sites of the 1990′s and delivers a compelling, user and search-engine friendly, community-building website.