Press and News Release Distribution Services

We believe that you can leverage press and news releases to get the word out about your brand. When it works, it is basically free advertising for you and your organization.  A well written and seo optimized press release submission can provide exponential word-of-mouth impact, and media exposure.

Our news release submission service is especially powerful because it is seen as unbiased. The general public trusts the media or public figures to filter through new submissions and give honest feedback. If someone has heard about you through the media or a top press release service, and in a positive light, then you have won half of the battle in attracting potential customers.

Best Press Release Services – Internet Press Release Services

Through our newswire partner, we offer an affordable web based news distribution services that help our clients get the widest coverage for their press releases.   Our service includes a cross-section of media websites, such as leading national news websites, eminent regional news sites, popular local news websites, websites of leading radio stations and TV channels, trade and industry specific news sites, international news websites, online news blogs, and others.

Benefits of Our Top Press Release Service

  • Brand Visibility
  • Unmatched SEO benefits
  • Generate Sales
  • Maximize Marketing ROI
  • Very Affordable Service

Why Use Our Online News Release Service?

Each month we  work with you to develop the angles for you to get the right visibility.  We then write your news release.  Finally, we submit to a large press release and newswire network. Click here to contact us for a sample distribution report.

  • Guaranteed inclusion on 300+ News sites
  • Newspapers & Major News Sites
  • TV & Radio News Sites
  • Industry News Sites
  • Regional & Local News Sites
  • International News Sites (Optional)
  • Social Media Posting and Sharing
  • RSS News Feeds
  • User Friendly Graphical Report with Live Links


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