Established in 2006, Larym Design is a full-service branding agency, boasting an impressive pool of talent that enables us to take a your concepts and carry them through completion, creating a 360º identity, both online and offline. Full-service offerings include logos, stationary, brochures, signage, apparel, annual reports, presentations, websites, mobile applications, search engine marketing campaigns, social media branding/campaigns, and more. 

Larym Design was initially formed as a web development firm, working with local, national and international clients. However, as our clients’ business needs expanded over time, we expanded our capabilities in order to fulfill those needs. We are proud to have a creative team led by our partner, Ney Pimentel to increase and extend our capabilities as "The Seed of Branding".

Larym Design is the ultimate collaborator. Our team is comprised of a diverse, multicultural, “technology-gifted”, creative and business blend of talent that know how to translate branding, online technologies and marketing strategies into real business opportunities.. We fill the gap between the big business agencies that demand large budgets and the “newly-anointed web warriors.” Larym Design understands that your business needs to be seen as an authority in your chosen industry. We will blend our expertise with yours to create a distinguished corporate identity, an influential Internet presence, and manage a passionate community of followers that will enable businesses to reach their desired target market.

BIG COMPANY EXPERTISE… up-close-and-personal atmosphere

Having worked in and managed teams inside of Fortune 100 companies, we combine our corporate background and big business expertise with our belief in the importance of personal attention and care given to a client when establishing a sustainable brand. Our goal is to grow to have a far enough reach to be relevant while sustaining a personal touch with each and every client.

Our development methodology extends our agile programming and design methodologies so that we are multitasking design, programming, product management, and marketing development all at the same time. We phase our work with a divide and conquer mentality amongst our team, using a sophisticated online project management system. This process provides clients with a full-access pass to view our progress, creating a transparent and clear channel of communication between our team and our client.

A Diverse Portfolio

There is a simple but crucial reason Larym Design has been able to service a diversified pool of clientele - our expertise lies in people, not industries. One of the philosophies we learned in corporate America is to take the time to learn a client’s business so we can add proper value to the project, as well as grow as a team. We are proud to have done just that through a cross-section of industries such as, retail, food and beverage, sports and fitness, non-profit, entertainment, music, and financial, just to name a few. In addition, catering to such an array of clients has allowed us to create both full service packages as well as smaller-scaled offerings from our a la carte services. We believe it is important to fit the client’s needs; not fit the clients to ours.

Home-Grown Global Influence

While we continue to do business globally, we remain a Las Vegas-based digital agency, committed to adding value to our area’s local business growth and development through our professional efforts and community involvement. A proud member of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, we have witnessed the ebb and flow of the Greater Las Vegas Valley’s business community over the past 8 years, ultimately surviving the Great Recession and flourishing as a vibrant city with a commitment to small businesses and a drive to bring in bigger businesses. Click here to see a list of local Las Vegas areas and sub divisions that we serve.