Before & After

We have a special affinity for redesigning dated logos and websites, with a new, fresh and modern look. It is common among big brand companies to update or do a subtle make-over of their logos when needed. Seemingly, their websites are updated to incorporate new design and new technologies. Taking a page from their playbook, we encourage an annual review of your branding to ensure that it is making a clear connection with your intended audience.

Below are a few examples of before and after designs we have created.


Does your brand identity require a redesign?  Here are a few questions to consider:

What is the motive behind the redesign?

  • Do you think the initial brand identity design process was successful?
  • Do you think your identity was originally based on trends, this being the reason for the current redesign?
  • How have other people (particularly your customers), responded to the existing identity?

How do you feel about your existing brand identity?

  • Do you think your existing identity communicates your brand message?
  • Do you think your existing identity helps your brand to stand out from the competition?
  • How would you describe your existing identity using 5 adjectives?

What is your vision for the new brand identity?

  • How would you describe your desired new identity using 5 adjectives?
  • Do you think your identity has to be redesigned from scratch, or is it preferential to evolve and improve it while retaining the existing appearance?
  • Are there any distinctive visual elements that are closely tied to your identity, which ideally must be retained for brand consistency?