Eric Love

Managing Director (the Infrastructure)

With a background in both finance and technology, Eric Love is an executive with almost 20 years of experience in retail accounting, IT project management, and Internet development. A graduate of Virginia State University with a degree in Accounting & Management Information Systems/Information Technology, Eric’s career grew throughout the 90s as a staff accountant responsible for inventory auditing, security and management for over 300 stores in a Virginia based menswear retail chain. He continued his path in retail accounting and inventory auditing as the Assistant Financial Coordinator of a Washington D.C.-based specialty retail chain before joining his future wife, Myra Peterson, at Urban Box Office (UBO) as its Director of Ecommerce Operations.

While at UBO, Eric recruited and managed a team of over 50 employees — a compilation of accountants, merchandisers, copy editors, project managers, customer service, and advertising representatives. This team developed proprietary ecommerce software and built a fully-functioning department to set up and manage ecommerce operations for 13 companies held under the umbrella of UBO. As Eric explains, “This was back when you had to create the ecommerce software, the merchandise, and provide 24/7 customer service.” While Myra focused on executing deals and raising capital with UBO’s CEO, Adam Kidron, Eric focused on operations and team management. It was clear that Eric and Myra made a good team. Although not yet married, their partnership was seamless. Eric provided the requisite financial, operational and team management while Myra added the vision and strategic direction needed to manage a complex team inside a multi-company environment.

My PASSION for finance and technology DRIVE Larym Design to provide REAL SOLUTIONS to client needs. ~ Eric Love

After leaving UBO, Eric held several positions in sales and accounting, with companies such as Automatic Data Processing (ADP), eventually relocating to, and making a home in, Nevada. By 2005, he had become the General Manager for Vignettes Art, a fine art company, overseeing multimillion dollar printing and publishing operations, including the production of The New Yorker fine art prints. With multiple locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the company represented world renowned artists including Hamilton Aguiar, Jane Seymour, Hu Jun Di, and Alexei, Butirskiy. Within the year, Eric had increased company profits over 20% by implementing a new sales and operations strategy for the various galleries. He also revamped the company’s accounting and inventory management systems. However, realizing there was more to be made in the dot-com industry he left behind years ago with UBO, Eric soon joined his wife, Myra, in her start-up venture, Larym Design. As he explains, “The company was her vision, so I recommended that we call the company ‘Larym,’ which is ‘Myra L’ spelled backwards.

A meticulous and organized business owner, Eric not only oversees the overall structure and growth of Larym Design, he also contributes his right-brain talents with custom WordPress design, ecommerce development, mobile app development, and social media management. On an ongoing basis, Eric has his eyes on the revenue and cost structure for the company to ensure its longevity.