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Branding and Online Marketing for Las Vegas Companies

Local Business Branding Overview

Using a combination of general brand-management strategies with local techniques and tactics will give you a competitive edge when it comes to operating in your marketplace.  In fact, competing with national chains is easier for small-business owners if they use their status as locally owned and operated companies as a unique selling benefit 

The key to success for local Las Vegas business branding  is to develop your local business voice. What’s a local business voice, you ask? It’s a unique verbal personality that effectively communicates your company’s vision and product or skill set. It’s a branding strategy that should remain consistent across all marketing channels.

Local Marketing Tips

1. Send a Press Release
2. Submit Product Feeds to Google and Bing
3. Share Your Knowledge
4. Create and Send a Weekly Newsletter
5. Keep Your Website Content Current
6. Get Local
7. Create Video Highlighting Your Business.
8. Participate Heavily in Social Media Networking
9. Offer an Affiliate Program to Accelerate Sales
10.Run Contests and Give Something Away

Create loyalty with your customers. Show them how you work. Share the passion you and your employees have for your business and the greater community. Include testimonials from past and current clientele.