Myra Peterson-Love

Co-Founder / Director of Digital Media (the Creative Nerd)

Myra Peterson-Love is a tech-savvy creative with 30+ years of experience in marketing and selling enterprise software, managing ecommerce, and creating and executing design services for top corporate teams and clients in the Entertainment industry. Her passion lies is in the intersection of technology, marketing, and entertainment. Myra has a knack for management and an eye for executing campaigns that are as technically impressive as they were visually. She also understands and appreciates the intensity required to execute high-end productions and the need for expeditious service and support.

The Philadelphia native studied Computer Science at the University of California (Davis), and later Art History at Richmond College in London, England. As an entrepreneur, Myra managed multimillion dollar operations, producing projects for companies such as Sony, Disney, ABC, TNT, DreamWorks SKG, George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and Home Box Office (HBO). She spent several years as a consultant to Silicon Graphics (SGI), and its entertainment subsidiary, Silicon Studio.  Through her work with SGI and Silicon Studio, she also worked with production companies owned by such entertainment icons as Michael Jackson, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Earth Wind and Fire, Sinbad, David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones.

During her early career, Myra built her reputation in technology and marketing working for Hewlett-Packard where she marketed and sold hardware/software to Fortune 500 companies. “I was a part of the Silicon Valley when it was young, so I had exceptional mentors, many who are now considered the Who’s Who of our era.”

I am literally overwhelmed every time we help a client REALIZE their DREAM. ~ Myra Peterson-Love

Myra had a strong pull to take what she had learned and created her own path in life. “I needed to follow my passion and do what made me happy.” Her intuition and hard work paid off, and in 1991 Myra left Hewlett-Packard to become the founder and President of Omniverse Digital Solutions, LLC (ODS), a media-tech interactive production firm which landed her a spotlight in the well-reviewed The New Color of Success, by author Niki Butle Mitchell.

Over the next eight years, Myra ran her own successful businesses, enjoying esteemed recognition of her talents not only by her peers in the industry (featured and praised in BBC, Business Week, Black Enterprise, Essence Magazine, Ebony, Minorities and Women in Business, and the BET Weekender), but by the U.S. government. She was selected by the Pentagon to complete the Year 2025 Feasibility Study for developing and deploying interactive applications for the Joint Forces Logistics Branch.

In 1999 Myra was recruited by Flatiron Partners, the former Internet venture capital arm of JP Morgan Partners, to be the Senior Vice President of Ecommerce and Advertising at its New York-based investment, Urban Box Office (UBO). It was at that time that Myra recruited her colleague and future husband, Eric Love, to be the Director of Ecommerce. Together they developed proprietary ecommerce software and built a fully-functioning department to set up and manage ecommerce operations for 13 companies held under the umbrella of UBO.   She also worked directly with Adam Kidron, CEO, to recruit top advertisers, sponsors and investors.

After UBO, where they met and worked closely with Ney Pimentel, Larym Design’s Executive Creative Director, Myra and Eric, newly married, each rejoined Corporate America until the entrepreneur bug bit Myra again in 2006. The bite produced Larym Design, a web development and online marketing firm. Within the company’s first year, Myra enlisted Eric’s expertise (once again) for business management and development. Of the long-time successful partnership with her husband, Myra explains, “Our skill sets completely complement one another.” Together, they have the foresight for creatively-driven results and an effective management style that breeds that same creativity within their own team.  Over time, they have expanded into a world-class, full-service creative agency with International clients.  When asked what she loves most about Larym Design she beams, “Meeting and working with brilliant business people. I love the creativity and the energy…being able to give people something they could not do for themselves.”