Small Business

Branding and Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Branding Makes the Difference

Are you a doctor, lawyer, financial professional, photographer? One of many professionals choices? Research shows that strong brands outperform weak brands. Businesses and consumers are willing to pay a premium for strong brands because established brands make their lives easier. They aggregate information and reduce risk. Strong supplier brands may even aid partner companies in building their own reputation through association.

Loyal customers buy trust, they have friendships and are affected by any number of other intangibles that have a value as well as the functional properties of the product. Very few buyers will change their supplier if an unknown entity offers the same goods for less money.

Your brand is a source of tremendous value to both customers and business partners. Organizations need to be more deliberate about developing the strategies and tactics that safeguard this incredible asset.

Online Marketing Insights

1. Send a Press Release
2. Submit Product Feeds to Google and Bing
3. Share Your Knowledge
4. Create and Send a Weekly Newsletter
5. Keep Your Website Content Current
6. Get Local
7. Create Video Highlighting Your Business.
8. Participate Heavily in Social Media Networking
9. Offer an Affiliate Program to Accelerate Sales
10.Run Contests and Give Something Away

Create loyalty with your customers. Show them how you work. Share the passion you and your employees have for your business and the greater community. Include testimonials from past and current clientele.