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Sports Fitness Branding and Online Marketing

Branding Overview and Insights

There have never been more sports  or fitness brands in the world. And there has never been more sports or fitness content. This is true whether you are branding an athlete, a team, a trainer, a fitness product, service or location. The sports and fitness industries have never been more visible or competitive.  And it’s only going to increase.

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for and the personality you convey. And while it includes the creative elements of r design and messaging, your brand lives in every interaction you have.  Your image, your website, and your social media campaigns. 

Most importantly, your the relationship you have with each of your consumers, fans, and customers is critical. 

Marketing Tips

1. Send a Press Release
2. Submit Product Feeds to Google and Bing
3. Share Your Knowledge
4. Create and Send a Weekly Newsletter
5. Keep Your Website Content Current
6. Get Local
7. Create Video Highlighting Your Business.
8. Participate Heavily in Social Media Networking
9. Offer an Affiliate Program to Accelerate Sales
10.Run Contests and Give Something Away

Create loyalty with your customers. Show them how you work. Share the passion you and your employees have for your business and the greater community. Include testimonials from past and current clientele.