Tyrone Thomas

Director of Technology

Tyrone has always been driven by a passion for science, technology. During the course of a +20 year career, Tyrone has worked in most aspects of computer and web technologies. During his college years at Duke University, he provided programming support to researchers at both Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) and a neurological research team. Thomas’ professional career began during the nascent period of the Internet in the late 80s and early 90s.

During his time with Bell Laboratories he worked on early routing technology used for the Internet backbone and network maintenance systems. Even at that point, Tyrone could see the tremendous possibilities of the Internet to provide such capabilities as streaming audio and video. He then began to reposition his career towards what would become New Media, starting with the position as webmaster for Sony Music Online.

At Sony, Tyrone worked with artists and executives from across the labels. It was during this time in 1994 that he with partners formed Virtual Melanin Inc (VMI), a web services and production company which launched Café Los Negroes, an early example of the urban online magazine as well as working with BadBoy Entertainment, the Entertainers Basketball Classic, Public Theater of New York and Spike Lee to name a few. From VMI, Tyrone went on to create BreakThrough Technologies, which began with web and IT services, as well as high speed internet connectivity, and eventually managing 30 websites for a variety of clients in the Performing Arts.

At UBO, Tyrone was brought on board as the CTO and lead a team of developers, coordinating with 15 site owners and executive team on strategy and implementation. This is also where Myra, Eric, Ney and Tyrone first had the opportunity of working together. After UBO, Tyrone went on to hold positions as Director of Technology at Pegasus Internet, an agency providing web services to primarily Arts Related businesses and organizations, and Director of IT at Kaleidoscope Productions, a provider of video and event production to fortune 500 companies. Most recently he has joined Verdant Energies, an organization dedicated to creating and promoting renewable energy and sustainable development strategies.