Why Engage a Website Redesign Service Company?

Your website and your blog are often the primary sources of online presence for potential customers and clients. It provides not only a means of both publishing and managing your content, it also creates a source of lead generation and customer interaction. Your website is likely also integrated with your social marketing efforts your email marketing efforts, as well.

In short, you spend a good amount of time focused on your website. However, you may not have had the time or energy to step back and take a look at your online presence in recently. And you may not realize that it’s way past time you gave it a good overhaul.

8 reasons why you should engage a website redesign service company in 2019:

1.  How Old Is Your Website Design?

When was the last time you updated your website? If you can’t remember, then it’s probably time for a change. It’s a bit like rearranging the furniture in your home. Change the position of the couch and all of a sudden the room feels completely different—in a good way. That is the same result when you redesign your website.

2.  How Fresh is The Content on Your Website?

Are you relying on content that is more than a year old to describe your business, services and products? Are you using updated images of your products and services? Outdated information not only bores your customer, but it also gives the wrong impression of your company, which can affect your reputation.

3.  Does it Take Forever to Load Your Website Pages?

Slow loading suggests that the underlying technology of your website is not working well with the current web browsers. Web browsers are constantly being updated and enhanced. If your website is old, chances are that it is not providing the best user experience. Have you heard of bounce rate? Google tracks how well your site performs in their index by how long people stay on your site. Do you know how many people have “bounced” from your site due to its slow speed?

4.  Is Your Website Responsive or Mobile-Friendly?

This is old news for many, but you would be surprised how many websites we visit that do not work well with mobile phones or tablets. Worse still are sites that are technically responsive but have not been optimized for viewing or navigating on a mobile device. In other words, the design is lacking therefore there is no benefit from a web visitor perspective. With the majority of web searches no longer being done on desktop or laptop computers, doesn’t it make sense to redesign your site to work with mobile devices?

5.  Does Your Site Integrate with Your Social Media?

Imagine having to log into all the different social media platforms and posting your content manually. No fun, right? With social media integration, all these accounts can be tied to your website. So, as you update your website, your social media sites are updated also. In addition, allowing people to share your content on social media boosts your brand’s credibility. This is no longer a nice to have, this is a must have to help you manage your time while building a community of customers around your company.

6.  Is Your Website Optimized to Rank in Google and Other Search Engines?

Ranking in Google and Bing should be a priority for every business.  The amount of traffic that natural searches provide is invaluable compared to paid advertising.  So there are ways that your website can be optimized through design, navigation and use of specific keyword phrases that can greatly help your rankings.  However, if as mentioned above, your content has not been updated, or your site is not optimized for the keywords your target market is using, you will miss out to your competition.

7.  Is Your Site Secure?

If you cannot answer with an immediate YES, then the answer is no.  And that is not good. It is imperative to protect you and your site visitors from hackers.  Chances are if your site is still running older technologies such as Flash, it leaves your website vulnerable to security issues, a huge problem if you have sensitive client information on your platform.  Redesigning your site to include the latest security measures is not an option.

8.  Do Your Competitors Have a Better Web Presence?

You may have a better service or product than you competitors, yet your website may not stack up in comparison.  In today’s marketplace, potential customers visit your website to gain and understand and confidence about your company.  Your website is often the first opportunity to make a positive impression.  What does the look and feel of your website communicate about your company?  Companies are frequently redesigning their sites to stand apart from their competitors.  If your website is aged, you are losing ground every day to your competitors who leverage the advantages of strong branding and updated websites.


Remember that your business website is among the most important assets you own and it should deliver business results. It can make or break your online brand and your marketing success. Your time, money and efforts are well worth the effort in working with a professional website redesign service company.


Myra Love is Co-founder and Director of LARYM DESIGN, an author, and a digital marketing coach with an expertise in social SEO.  She has 30+ years experience in applying innovative technology solutions to building businesses. As the Co-founder of LARYM DESIGN, she works with entrepreneurs and business owners to leverage creativity in design and technology to take their businesses to the next level.