WordPress Development & Services

We’ve pushed WordPress to the limit everyday for the past 8 years.

Custom WordPress Design

Stand out from the crowd with a completely custom WordPress theme designed to fit your needs. All designs are built for standard WordPress frameworks to ensure compatibility and  easy management.

  • Design New Theme
  • Customize Theme
  • PSD to WordPress
  • HTML to WordPress

WordPress Development

From blogs to full blown ecommerce, membership and Community websites. We push WordPress to the limit everyday. We are experts in PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, and the best combination of plugins to develop a profitable website.

  • Blogs
  • Vanity Sites
  • Company Sites
  • Shopping Sites
  • Membership Sites
  • Community Sites

WordPress Website Redesign

Does your website reflect your brand? Is it due for a makeover? Your website is an extension of your business. It’s your storefront, greeting potential and current customers. You need your website to represent your company well. It might be time for a complete site upgrade or website facelift". In a world where the majority of research, shopping and purchasing are done online, your website is your storefront. We can redesign an attractive and welcoming website that reflects the culture of your business or organization.

  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Visual Design
  • Adherence to Web Standards
  • Improved Site Architecture
  • Easier Search Engine Compliance

WordPress Setup

Our WordPress installation service gives you a simple, quick and secure way of getting WordPress setup without hassle. We customize our setup services based on your needs. This will give you a simple way of getting your WordPress website or blog up and running in no time.

  • Hosting
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • On Page SEO
  • Basic Security
  • Sitemap
  • Contact Form
  • Analytics

WordPress Security

We make sure that your WordPress installation is safe and secure with an advanced level of WordPress protection that employs multiple layers of security above and beyond those found in basic WordPress deployments.

  • Protection
  • Detection
  • Recovery
  • Education

WordPress Maintenance & Support

Maintaining a website is tedious and technical. WordPress  themes and plugins need to be kept up to date. Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is a job for a professional. We can help.

  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Backups
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Server Monitoring
  • Training

WordPress Consulting & Training

Do you want to really learn more about running and developing your own website? While there are many free resources for learning WordPress, better quality and more structured training is best done with experts that address your specific needs. Whether you want to learn WordPress from scratch, or learn the latest techniques to grow your WordPress development skills, we can put together a thorough training program for you.

  • Online
  • Skype
  • Small Groups
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Pages & Posts
  • Widgets
  • Image Management
  • WordPress Admin