Larym Design is a leading provider of low cost, affordable full-service custom website design and web site marketing consulting services dedicated to small to mid-sized organizations. We offer comprehensive solutions from web design and development to site management and online marketing. Our specialty is creating sites that the search engines love.

Under the direction of Myra Peterson – Love and Eric Love, Larym Design is the brain child of two Type A personalities that have a passion for both business and the Internet. With over 42 years of combined Corporate experience with such global companies as Hewlett-Packard, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Silicon Graphics, i2, and more.  We a bring unique combination of IT,  Internet, sales, marketing, retail, financial, and project management experience to our clients.

Recruited by top venture capitalists during the Dot-Com Era in the late 1990’s, we also have been specifically involved with the development of websites and ecommerce solutions for over 15 years. We bring all of this valuable experience to you so you can truly participate in the explosive growth of Web 2.0

Faizan Qureshi joined Larym Design as Creative Director in 2009.  Faizan is a trained artist and brings that incredible creativity to every project!  With a Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC) National Diploma in Graphic Design (UK), he has over 8 years of experience as a graphic designer specializing in web design, as well as logo and editorial design. When he isn't designing for us, he is busy completing his Graphic Design Bachelors degree (honours) at Loughborough University (UK) and just having a jolly ol' time!


What Makes Us Unique?

1. Deep Experience – We have been in the Internet business since 1997. We know website design and development. We’ve authored designs for international businesses and clients as various as authors, art galleries, retail outlets, sports and fitness personalities, tool manufacturers, consultants, trainers, custom iron fabricators, and more. Plus, we are are Internet marketers and bloggers as well. We use the same web design and development technology on a daily basis to create our own successful sites to market.

2. Online Sales Expertise – As Internet marketers and bloggers, we create our own sites to market and sell our own products and other people's products as affiliate marketers. So we have to know how to sell. We understand how to create a sales process with your website. We know how to create relationships with our customers and take them thru the sales process with our website. We know that even though pretty websites are good to look at people simply want good clean navigation to get to the information and products that they want.

3. Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing – We constantly study and participate in the right circles to make sure that we stay on top of how to best get FREE traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We can provide you with a strategy to leverage both your well-designed website and several off site strategies to make sure that your website has top rankings, which include being on the first page for targeted searches for your product or market.

4. Quality Results – We strive to give you a quality product that will give you a great return on your investment and help you achieve your goals and objectives for your business. From design to code to strategy, we want to partner with you to help you market your products and services more effectively.

5. Best People – When you work with, You’ll work with and be in contact with REAL people. We believe this is important because you can actually put a face and name to those designing your website. We’re not hiding behind a Web page and email address.  We actually care about you and your business.